Ownership Structure

The table below shows the number of common shares held by the principal Terra Santa Agro shareholders, according to the most recently available information.

Shareholders Number of Shares % of Capital Stock
Bonsucex Holding¹ 9,209,440 42.52%
Laplace Investimentos Gestão de Recursos LTDA² 4,967,383 22.94%
Gávea Investimentos³ 1,238,638 5.72%
Others 6,242,037 28.82%
Total 21,657,498 100.00%

Held on 08/25/2020

(1) Considering the position directly and indirectly held by Bonsucex Holding

(2) Considering positions in which it is the fund manager

(3) Pursuant to the Notice to the Market of November 12, 2018, Gávea Investimentos communicated the disposal of 532,930 common shares of the Company, which reduced its total interest in Company shares to 8.24%. Simultaneously, it entered into derivative agreements with financial settlement referenced to Company shares. Considering jointly the common shares directly held and the derivative instruments, the total exposure of Gávea funds in common shares issued by the Company did not change, remaining at 14.19%