Sustainability and Environment

Terra Santa Agro seeks sustainable economic growth, always aiming at environment protection, through environmental management practices, in order to continuously improve its processes and products based on awareness raising and adoption of good practices in the development of its activities, in addition to complying strictly with the environmental legislation. Thus, a preventive posture is adopted towards environment and social responsibility issues in order to foster the community’s sustainable development and preserve environmental resources for upcoming generations.

  • To achieve these objectives we may point out the following initiatives undertook by the Company´s Environmental Management Department:
  • Complying with environmental legislation in effect by obtaining environmental licensing of projects and conducting productive activities jointly with proper environmental agencies;
  • Improving infrastructure, aiming at better working conditions and reduction of possible liabilities generated during the production process;
  • Protecting water sources, such as springs, rivers and streams, located in the Company’s areas;
  • Protecting biodiversity through the preservation of legal reserve areas and permanent preservation of its Production Units;
  • Reducing solid waste through production verticalization, in which byproducts from production process, such as soybean, cottonseed and corn seed coat residues, are sold to animal food manufacturers;
  • Disposing properly solid waste generated by the agricultural production process;
  • Planting eucalyptus for firewood used in the Company´s warehouse;
  • Implementing the Sustainable Forest Management Project (PMFS) in Iporanga Farm, with total area of approximately 12,200 hectares, aiming at maintaining the native forest in the property; and
  • Reducing and controlling atmospheric pollution through rational use of pesticides and implementation of mechanisms for the sustainable environmental development.

Thanks to these initiatives in progress, with the support and collaboration of the Company’s other sectors, we have already achieved the following results:


UTZ Certified Good Inside

The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) certificate was granted to Terra Santa Agro for complying with good management practice requirements, preserving areas of high conservation value and assuring fair working condition for its employees.
This certificate reflects Terra Santa Agro´s commitment to sustainable soybean production, complying with the concepts required by audits conducted in Ribeiro do Céu and Mãe Margarida production units.

UTZ Certified Good Inside

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) strives to improve global cotton production for the people who produce it, the environment where it grows and the sector’s future. The program aims to implement good social, environmental and economic practices in cotton-producing farms. This certificate proves that Terra Santa Agro prioritizes the sustainable development, especially the labor relations, the compliance with norms ruling security, legal protection and preservation of the environment and the adoption of good agricultural practices in cotton production.

Chico Mendes

In November 2013 Terra Santa Agro received the 2013 Chico Mendes Social and Environmental Award (Green Seal) in the Private Social and Environmental Management Category. This certification is designed to show how companies can help improve the quality of life through good practices. The certified companies show how they can help fuel growth and sustainable development through initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to society, developing viable practices and/or solutions that help to improve, through programs, environmental and human conditions,, as well as those of the planet as a whole. The certification awards those who are concerned with discovering, programming and improving management systems capable of meeting the needs of the population while preserving and repairing the environment, as well as social and environmental projects developed to raise the awareness of every citizen of the need to alter their habits and attitudes and holding them responsible for doing so.


UTZ Certified Good Inside

Terra Santa Agro was awarded the "Semeando o Bem" trophy by IAS (Social Cotton Institute), an award created to recognize social leaders in Mato Grosso state’s cotton sector who develop initiatives to make a difference in rural social and environmental reality. The company won two categories: Health and Education and Education in the Farm - General education and educational initiatives. Through the sustainable development, Terra Santa Agro carries out social initiatives that improve the quality of life of its employees, their families and the community.