How to invest in stocks?

Before contacting a stock brokerage, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the trading process by reading about it on the BM&FBovespa website. For the benefit of new investors, the São Paulo Securities, Commodities, and Futures Exchange has created a series of online courses (in Portuguese), accessible via the link below:

Finanças Pessoas e Mercado de Ações
Be-a-bá do Mercado de Ações

After completing those courses, the next step is to contact a stock brokerage firm. Stock brokerages and other financial intermediaries employ professionals with specialized knowledge in analysis of the market, sectors and companies. They can help you to determine the right moment to buy and sell certain stocks in order to obtain the best returns.


What are the BM&FBovespa indices?

BM&FBovespa indices are indicators that track and measure the performance of specific groups of stocks over a certain period of time. The prices of stocks may vary because of factors relating to the companies themselves or due to external factors, such as the nation’s growth, employment level or interest rates. Thus, the shares comprising a given index may behave differently in the same period, either appreciating or depreciating. Investors may access the BM&FBovespa website at www.bmfbovespa.com.br.


What is the Terra Santa Agro stock ticker symbol?

The ticker symbol for Terra Santa Agro’s common shares is TESA3


Where are Terra Santa Agro shares traded?

Terra Santa Agro’s shares are listed for trading on the Novo Mercado segment of the BM&FBovespa, the highest level of corporate governance.


How can I buy Terra Santa Agro shares?

Terra Santa Agro’s shares are traded on the São Paulo Securities, Commodities, and Futures Exchange (BM&FBovespa). Investors may buy and sell the Company’s shares with the assistance of banks or brokerages, which, on their behalf, submit orders to buy and sell shares to the BM&FBovespa. Individual investors may also trade shares themselves via the Internet, although in order to do so they must be clients of a BM&FBovespa-registered brokerage that uses the Home Broker system, which facilitates online stock trading. Investors select the stocks they wish to trade (in this case, Terra Santa Agro shares). They may base their decisions on analyst recommendations. The ‘private bank’ divisions of many banks also provide recommendations to their account holders about attractive stocks for investment. To see which banks or brokerages are registered with the BM&FBovespa, access the exchange’s website at www.bmfbovespa.com.br.


What rights are associated with Terra Santa Agro’s common shares?

Terra Santa Agro’s shares guarantee their holders the following rights:

  • Voting rights at the Company shareholders’ meetings;
  • The right to the minimum mandatory dividend for each fiscal year, equivalent to 25.0% of the net income adjusted in accordance with Article 202 of the Brazilian Law of Corporations;
  • If control of the Company is sold off, either through a single operation or a series of transactions, the right to sell their shares in the Company under the same terms afforded the selling controlling shareholder;
  • All other rights for shareholders guaranteed under the Regulations of the Novo Mercado segment of the BM&FBovespa, the Bylaws of Terra Santa Agro, and the Brazilian Law of Corporations.


How does Terra Santa Agro disclose its information?

All material facts, results announcements, and other notices to the market from Terra Santa Agro are reported to the CVM/BM&FBovespa and published on the Investor Relations area of the Company’s website (www.terrasantaagro.com) simultaneously. They are also sent via email to people who have registered at the Company to receive such communications.

The Company’s complete financial statements are published on an annual basis in the Diário do Comércio e Indústria and in the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo. Quarterly financial statements, press releases, presentations, material fact notices, and notices to shareholders are available in the Investor Relations section of the Company’s website (www.terrasantaagro.com/ir). Other information about the Company may also be accessed on the websites of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (www.bmfbovespa.com.br) and the CVM (www.cvm.gov.br).


Who is responsible for assisting the Company’s shareholders who need specific information from the bank that registers the company’s shares and how is such assistance provided?

Individual Shareholders can check their shareholding status easily and rapidly. The main details regarding control of their investments are available on-line: shareholding position, share trading statement, payment advice note, declaration of earnings and subscription order.

Itaú is our share bookkeeping institution, and its main responsibilities are to retain shares in custody, update share trades, undertake dividend payments and serve Terra Santa Agro shareholders. To enable you to keep track of your shareholding status, Itaú maintains the following access channels:

If you are not a Banco Itaú account holder, you can check your information with total security through our broker, Itaú Corretora. Just go to www.itaucorretora.com.br, select the tab "Non-account-holder" > "I want to register", and follow the step-by-step instructions. The process is simple and entirely online.

If you are an Itaú account holder, you only need to log in to your account at www.itau.com.br. The Declaration of Earnings is available in the Current Account Menu and you will find other information on your shares bookkept by Itaú in the Investments Menu. Everything is simple and secure.


To clarify doubts or obtain more information, please call 3003-9285 for state capital and metropolitan regions and 0800 720 9285 for other regions. Our customer service operates between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on business days.

If you prefer, you can visit one of Itaú’s specialized branches:

Brasília: SCS Quadra 3 - Ed D‘Angela, 30 - Block A, Mezzanine
Belo Horizonte: Av. João Pinheiro, 195 - Basement
Curitiba: John R. Negrao, 65 - Mezzanine
Porto Alegre: R. Sete de Setembro, 746 - Ground Floor
Rio de Janeiro: Almirante Barroso, 52 - 2nd floor
São Paulo: R. Boa Vista 176 - 1st Basement
Salvador: Av. United States, 50 - 2nd floor


What is the shareholders’ meeting? How can I participate?

The annual shareholders’ meeting is the meeting of Terra Santa Agro’s shareholders. These meetings are scheduled in advance for the purpose of voting on items on the agenda.

They are called by the Company’s board of directors by means of a call notice published in three consecutive issues of the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo and the Diário do Comércio e Indústria. The call notice for the annual shareholders’ meeting is also announced on the website of the Company’s Investor Relations area (www.terrasantaagro.com/ir), and the São Paulo Securities, Commodities, and Futures Exchange (www.bmfbovespa.com.br), and through mailings sent to shareholders registered on the Company’s website.

Once the call notice has been published, Terra Santa Agro’s management will make available to its shareholders all the documents and information required by law or under the Company’s Bylaws pertaining to the various items included on the agenda. These will also be made available on the Company’s website as of the same date.

In order to participate in the shareholders’ meeting, shareholders must present the following at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the date designated for the meeting: (a) an identification document; (b) proof of shareholding issued by the share registrar; and (c) power of attorney constituted according to law, if the shareholder is represented by proxy.


What is meant by free float? What is Terra Santa Agro’s free float?

The number of shares issued by the Company, not including those shares held by the controlling shareholder, the managers of the Company, or shares held in treasury. Terra Santa Agro’s free-float it‘s against the 25% required by the BM&FBovespa’s Novo Mercado listing regulations.


How can I contact the Investor Relations department?

Terra Santa Agro S.A.
Praça General Gentil Falcão, 108. apt 81
Cidade Monções - São Paulo - SP
CEP - 04571-150
Phone: +55 11 3137-3100
Fax: +55 11 3137-3114

Website: www.terrasantaagro.com
Cristiano Soares Rodrigues
Email: ri@tsagro.com