History and Corporate Profile


Terra Santa is a joint-stock company founded in Brazil. On November 9, 2006, it was designated a publicly-held company by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). On November 10, 2006, it held its initial public offering.

Terra Santa was created through the merger of three companies: Brasil Ecodiesel, Maeda Agroindustrial (merged in December 2010), and Vanguarda Participações (merged in September 2011). The latter two companies were genuine agricultural firms and their acquisition consolidated the Company’s strategy of adopting a new business model focused on grain and fiber output.

As a result of its decision to focus on grain production, the Company initiated an ongoing plan to divest assets associated with biodiesel production in order to concentrate all of its efforts on reallocating resources to the development of its agricultural operations.

In December 2012 it underwent a capital Increase, whereby the independent asset management company regulated by the CVM, Gávea Investimentos, acquired a substantial portion of the Company’s capital stock.

In January 2013, the Company began its operational turnaround process, in the pursuit of operating efficiency and business profitability, investing in machinery, soil treatment and the creation of an efficient corporate culture, through which the "sense of ownership" permeated all levels of the organization.

The results of this process began to become apparent in the 2014/15 harvest, when the Company achieved record yields for all crops, including when compared to the average in Mato Grosso state. It is also worth emphasizing the Company’s decision to return leased areas in Bahia and Piauí, due to highly unstable weather conditions and meagre profitability, concentrating its operations in Mato Grosso, which possesses a series of advantages, including: (i) stable weather in Brazil’s Midwest for the last 30 years; (ii) more efficient planting, with the possibility of two crops per year; and (iii) future expectations of a reduction in logistics costs through exports via ports in the North of the country.

Once the operational turnaround has been concluded, the Company will be focusing on its financial restructuring in order to align future financial flows with operating cash generation reaffirming its belief in its capacity to balance its short-term cash flows.

Currently, the strategy is to evolve in a sustainable manner, creating greater value for our shareholders.

The Company’s ownership structure is widely dispersed, with a majority of shares held by Brazilian investors.

Corporate Profile

Terra Santa Agro is an agricultural commodities producer focused on the production of soybean, corn, and cotton. It operates 7 production units strategically located in Brazilian state, Mato Grosso, and manages a total area of approximately 133.3 thousand hectares.

The Company’s shares are listed on the B3‘s Novo Mercado segment, the highest corporate governance level of Brazilian stock markets.

Terra Santa Agro S.A.
Listing Segment (B3) Novo Mercado
Initial Public Offering (IPO) 2006
B3 Stock Symbol TESA3
Bloomberg Symbol TESA3 BZ
Refinitiv (ex-Reuters Symbol TESA3.SA
Operating Sector (B3 classification) Non-cyclical Consumption / Agriculture/ Livestock
Number of shares 21,656,539 common shares